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There may be some same. The reasoning is multi-fold. In fact the casinos within New Jersey are interested in the possibility as it is described now. The government is not completely opposed to it either. There will likely be a huge possibility of it happening depending on the upcoming elections as well. There is already specific talk about whether to do it.

The description of the policy as being described at this point is one that would allow casinos that are licensed in the state of New Jersey to operate an online outlet. This is a far cry from allowing access to all the online casinos in the world. The plan in this state is being noted as having serious potential to increase revenue for casinos and the government. It is also noted that it will likely increase the amount of business that casinos licensed in New Jersey get.

Since the states that surround New Jersey have legalized casino gambling residents of New Jersey, especially some of those that now live closer to a casino in another state are crossing the border to play. The gambling industry in New Jersey has noticed a decline in business since the introduction of across the border competition as well. Some New Jersey casinos see the online outlet option as a way to supplement and increase their revenues despite the planned restriction to only accept players that are residents of New Jersey.

Some individuals point to federal legislation as a reason not to get involved in such legislation at times, but the reality is that high-court decisions have ruled that online casino gambling is legal. So, the remaining decision is whether the individual states will exercise their right to allow certain activities.

If the state make a definite move with considerable support the impact will likely be significant regardless of the outcome. A number of other states have been considering taking action regarding online gambling as well. While this issue is still in play, the money is on the table and the jackpot of online casino revenue is one that continues to rise around the world.

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