Month: October 2018


Three backgammon strategies

In the world of backgammon, there are three ways to work your way up the backgammon ladder. These are the three things you should know to win the game.

First, running the game

this will involve counters rounding the board and supporting off. You should do this faster than how your opponents can. Be sure to rule out leaving spots and hoping that you throw higher than your opponents to win the game.

The current game is simple to run and it is also very easy to understand and learn. There are points however these you must consider, these are: always try to avoid leaving stains and always bring the counter-round slowly, while you try to avoid the “failed” starting counters your house council opponents.

Second, blocking the game

this will require you to block your opponents to your inner board. This will give you more time to bring the counters into the inner board that favors you and supports off your opponents. This will give you the chance to score even in the pork or backgammon game.

You can acquire this by creating a “perfection” that consists of creating six points in the chronological order normally from 8 points to 3 points inclusively. This will allow the other player to come out of your board until “perfection” is broken.

If creating a “perfection”, you must do it gradually, starting with your choice of 5 points or bar point. Make other remarks slowly as you go along. This can get you involved leaving the possible spots in the inner or outer board at the beginning of the game.

The back of the game

When the backgammon player has an order of bad throws and is distinctly at an obstacle to the game in the game, this may be recommended the opponent’s strategy of backing up to you and you can now play the back game. For you to perform this game, you should always keep the back counters for as long as you can hold them and spread in a variety of spots. This will make your opponents hit the spots. However, it is difficult to run this game, but you do this well you can have the advantage of the game.

I hope these simple strategies have given you tips and help you improve your strategy. Learn slowly to execute these strategies to make the game go in your favor.